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    IHSS Hours

    I have been trying to get in touch with IHSS and have left messages with no reply yet, so I was wondering if someone here might have an answer. We live in the Central Valley in California and my daughter receives 236 in service hours through IHSS, after going through several different providers in the past several months I have thought about quitting work and taking care of my daughter full time. My question is would IHSS allow me to work all the hours, or is their a max. hours that they allow?

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    Every county in CA runs their IHSS program differently. We can't get that many hours for anyone with a SCI unless they are vent dependent. For the most part, 140 hours a month is the max. In our county, if the person lives with a blood relative, they are expected to provide up to 8 hours of care daily WITHOUT pay, and only hours authorized after that can get a family member paid.

    Remember that in most counties IHSS workers get no benefits, and there is no withholding for anything like SS, health insurance, etc. In my county the pay is $8.75 per hour, so unless you are already in a very low paying job, quitting work to be a family IHSS caregiver does not make a lot of sense.

    I would suggest you talk to a counselor who knows your county's IHSS program before making any decisions. Check with your local ILC for help on this.


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