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Thread: Rehab/ HELP!!

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    He has MA Medicaid. His Dad lives in Maine which is 2 states away Billy doesn't want to live in Maine I have no idea what services are offered there and he really wants to be here with his friends. He is my middle son's best friend. We all have to work full time do to the rising costs of everything and having a family of 5 already we just don't have the room for him I wish we did. From the beginning we were all so hopeful that he would being able to get off the vent. After getting advice and answers from you all I know have been pointed in the right direction and have more motivation then ever to get Billy all the things he needs and deserves to be able to live the most fullest life. Our visit with him tomorrow is going to be filled with questions and promise now that I know there are some places to turn to in his time of need. Thanks everyone for the links and the guidance we really appreciate it. I'm going to print these comments off and share them with my family and with Billy they are words of encouragement which at this time as I told you he really needs. The quote of the day on my Thomas Kinkade calendar really makes me think about this whole situation it says:
    "Give yourself some inspiration
    by reading and listening to the
    stories of others"
    To me that is a sign to keep on keeping on until Billy is wherever he wants to be!!!

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    foley, whenever he is able to come off the vent, with it being that he can hopefully one day get off the vent, MAKE SURE that he at least checks out journey forward in canton. can't be too far from where you're at, and the exercise intensive program would be good for him...
    working every day to get out of my chair.

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