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Thread: hand controls

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    It's generally safer to use left-side mounted controls because it allows the driver to operate turn signals on curved roads without compromising the ability to steer the vehicle. It is also safer to operate the AC, radio, and other secondary controls with the right hand while keeping the vehicle stopped with the left. Most automatic transmissions also have an interlock to prevent the vehicle from being shifted into gear unless the brake is depressed, so having both the brake lever and gear shift on the right side is awkward.

    Usually a right side mounted control is more-appropriate for someone who lacks sufficient strength or range of motion to turn the steering wheel with their right upper extremity.

    During the 7 years that I worked full time as a Certified Driver Rehab Specialist, I probably installed the right side MPD3500's in my evaluation sedan 3 or 4 times.

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    Capn,for you with tons of road time its great,but for someone just starting out learning how to drive for the first time ever( if i read the first post correct)not so great.i have found with both new and not so new drivers learning a new skill in driving (ie big trucks ) that for the most part they are real busy for the first while ..dave

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