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Thread: Furniture for Home

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    One of those lamps with a "bendy" base so he can adjust the light ...... remote everything if possible - lights, fans T.V. etc. ...... one of those pocket thingees to hang on the side of the bed for everyday stuff ... like the remotes !

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    Taylor, just a FYI. It's always nice to have your profile filled out so everyone can see why you are here. I personal hate it when I click on a person's name and there is no info about themselfs. I like to know what level of injury, date injuried, how you found us, & date of birth. This is just my opion though....

    You said something about you were getting info for someone else, your profile would tell us that and your relationship.

    Thanks and welcome to CC!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taylor7172
    What type of furniture is needed for a new T6 Complete when he returns home.

    Right now his bedroom is completely empty so we can go with just about anything that would make him more independent.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you.

    I am a T5 complete. A little older I assume than your son. If he is strong and able to move around he will need less than I did at first. I set my bedroom up so I had a "super pole" which is really handy. Still use it but less than I did at first. I need a commode so I had to make sure I had room beside my night table to get to it and bring it up to the bed. I transfer on to the bed then move my wheelchair to the end of the bed - with a reacher (a must to have).

    Take a look at house modifications then to my video and you will see a few things.

    You can call me and I will give you more. I will send you a Private message with the number.


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    A twin bed did not work for me, not enough room to roll over etc. I sleep on half of my full size and put most of my "stuff" on the other half. The dog takes up the lower fourth--LOL ! My night stand isn't big enough for all my "stuff" Anything with remotes is great. Ceiling fans, air conditioner tvs etc. A bedside lamp and phone are essential for me. I do have a lowered rod in the closet but really to just increase the capacity as I can reach the upper rod too. A grabber is a must, for any room. I had a water bed that I loved. It took a while for me to learn how to get out of it, but I did (T-7) Later, I kept the frame but put a regular mattress in it. The support of the frame was good , easy and secure. I use a triangle bar over head and have for 16 years. Some here will not advise that, but I have had no problems with my shoulders from it and live alone with no assistance. Except for the the bar I don't think my bedroom is any different from most.

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