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Thread: bladder problems

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    bladder problems

    does anyone know how much the bladder should hold lately ive been leaking when i get more than 300 cc ill leak then cath and get 300 cc out im taking detrol la 4mg 1 a day and oxybutrin 15 xl twice a day could my bladder be shrinking or maybe the meds arent working anymore im t10 complete been taking those meds for 6 years thanks for any advice
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    Sounds like you need to have repeat urodynamics if your meds are not working. Generally it is considered that the maximum you should hold at any time is about 450 cc., but this can be less if you have high pressures. The 600 cc. you have been trying to hold is too much and unsafe. How often are you cathing? You may need to cath more often.

    Your meds may need to be adjusted. You may also want to ask your urologist about Ditropan bladder instillations, or Botox.


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    thanks nurse i cath every 4 hours but what i meant was in between cathing i leak some so i go cath even if it hasnt been 4 hours and when i do i cath out about 300 cc ok thanks i think ill have that urodynamic test its been a few years since ive had one
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    If you cath for 300cc. after voiding or leaking 300 cc., you had 600 cc. in your bladder when you leaked, which is too much. Are you limiting your fluids so that you don't drink more than 2.5 liters daily, with half of that before noon and none after 6PM? Are you avoiding sodas and caffeine?


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    nurse i drink maybe a liter and a half a day no soda or caffiene im not sure how much i leak i just know ill be sittin here and then i leak so then i cath thats when i get about 300 out but not sure how much i leak out just enough to usually have to change my pants and weird part is if i cath at 11 in the morning it usually leaks at about 130 in the afternoon after that im good to go kinda weird i guess
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