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Thread: Invacare Shower Transfer Bench

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    Invacare Shower Transfer Bench

    Anybody use the Invacare vinyl padded transfer bench?

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    I am a T5 so I can relate.
    I used it for about a year and a half before I bought my house and had it renovated.
    I would transfer on to my commode do my bowel routine then move forward to the tub bench to transfer on it.
    Took a while to get the routine down, tranfer on the bench a little then move one leg into the tub, move a little more next leg in.
    I used baby powder to slide better a hand towel would do the trick too.
    It wasn't to bad after a few times.
    I had a hand rail on the side of the tub to pull across with.
    If you are going to use one then I suggest having someone to help you the first few times until you have your balance and the routine for getting in and out.

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    I had one for a few years then it started breaking , they say you can move the backrest for left or right hand use , but you have to unscrew the bottom of it to move it so it is not a quick release type so if you travel at all you cant break it down, and the padding is not that thick . I just bought a Guardian transfer bench locally and it has the quick release back rest that pops right out so you can break it down for travel or to use in a diffent room..
    Also the padding and bench seat bottom seems to be a little tougher the Invacare one would flex a little just transfering over , I am a big guy so that does make a difference ..
    Just My 2 cents , try checking a med supply that carries Guardian products and also I paid $119.99 for mine..

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    I use something similar .... do yo have a question about that one specifically. or bath benches in general?
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