Hello, i am writing here hoping somebody on here can and will give me some advice. My partner melissa(32) recently went for a day case op. She had a general. When she came out of the op she had pins and needles then paralysis of the legs, can actually wiggle her toes slightly. The only problem with this op was that her blood pressure dropped to a very low level, this level unknown at the moment as i have not seen the notes. My partners blood pressure is normally around 90 over 40. This is easily fixed by placing her on a drip. I was wondering if you would agree with me that it was a spinal stroke and also ignoring what was the cause what would you say should be the way forward? Nothing showed on 3 MRIs or a ct scan.This is now week 5, she is in a stroke ward and is recieving physio twice a day. The physio only started 2 weeks ago. They are now talking about sending her home which obviously would mean less physio. As far as my limited knowledge goes this is the only thing that may get her back on her feet,true? Also we have been told the first 8 weeks are the most important hence the move home should not be considered. Anybody out there have any answers for me. Regards Frustrated partner.