First of all thank you for your comments and advice. I will be using all this to try and get my partner the treatment she deserves. Considering that the mistake happened in this hospital you would think they would try harder. My partner had a general not an epidural. She has had no spinal tap.
The initail physio was 15 min 5 x pw, i was giving her some myself. They finally improved on this after 3 weeks when we fell out with them. It is now 2 hours a day. Just like the doctor who said she should not go to a spinal unit before even examining her the latest consultant said today that there seems to be very little muscle wastage, this coming from someone who never saw her for the first 3 weeks so how does she know what my partners legs were like before. She has lost 10 % of her body weight so i would say there was a good amount of wastage.They had her on tamazipan for sleeping? I questioned it and they changed it straight away, if they were right surely they would have kept her on it. Muscle relaxent and reduced motor function is not what she need in my eyes. Maybe i was wrong? Thank you again. I will keep you informed.