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Thread: road trip advice-virgina beach

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    road trip advice-virgina beach

    I might be going to Virginia Beach on a business (type) trip. The woman I'm going with is a close friend of many years,and will not really have no problem with the distastlfull parts of having me along . Here is the thing though. She is totally scared of flying and wants to drive. It's about a 10 hour trip one way. I won't be able to help with the drive. I don't know how my body will react to being in a car that long. She claims we can drive it straight. I don't think it's wise.
    I wondered how others handle long road trips.
    Also, silly as it seems, other than the hospital, I have never needed to do a bowel program away from home.
    I figure at least 3 days for driving, 2 days there. I can't go that long,lol. I do my own in the bathroom,so I guess it'll be ok. (just worried).
    Good thing she doesn't want to go to the beach, I can't see me on one, wheels bogging down,getting burnt,ect. Me in a bathing suit is not a pretty sight!
    Oh, has anyone ever stayed at any of the hotels there? Looking for opinions, good or bad, and for stuff to do with any free time we may get.

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    Go and have fun!! Can you bring a good cushion to sit on in car? Then suggest you do it in one day if she wants stopping at rest stops to transfer out and "stretch your legs" a couple of times just to get the blood flowing. I am T-10 para and used to do wheelchair roadracing. About 20 years ago I did Orange Bowl Marathon in Miami, went back to the hotel and took a bath then got in my van and drove back to Michigan without stopping except for gas and restroom breaks.

    Check mapquest to see if the trip is really just 10 hours. Re hotels, I have found Microtel when available to be good, they really seem to know what a wheelchair room is. Once you know where you will be staying call them and grill them about specifics on the room. In recent years some hotel chains have been buying those high beds making for hard transfers, I would actually go as far as asking them to measure bed, toilet height, etc.

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    thanks. I do think I will put my Roho on in the car, and you my old gel one as a temp to get in and out.
    I did mapquest and it was saying 9, so I add a hour for the heck of it.
    I never heard of Microtel before,I'll look it up.
    As for the beds, a few years back we rented a beautiful cabin that was HC,and the 'big bedroom' had a bed that had to be a foot and a half tall than a normal bed. when we called about it, they said the HC bed was the pull out couch! $400.00 a night for a pull out. We managed to throw me up there even though I got dizzy!

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    Deb, go for it. As far as the ride, I've driven 13 hours straight before but I have an old calloused ass, and a few more years under my belt. Traveling early after injury was tougher on me as I remember.

    Va Beach is pretty accessible and there are wooden wheelchair walkways out into the sand around 17-18th Street, and I think 6th as well. There are a couple larger oceanfront hotels around 6th St and another at 12th, Best Western and HI, and the rooms 3-4 years ago were pretty decent. When I go there, I usually try to go before mid May and after Sept 30. The rates are a lot lower then as are the temps.

    If you go you'll most likely spend most of your time on the 2 mile concrete boardwalk, the beach itself, or the ton of shops on Atlantic.

    Be sure to stop by the Raven, 12th and Atlantic if my memory serves me. It's a great old bar. GO, and have fun!
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    Hi, I’m a Para of 28 yrs.. I have been to Virginia Beach a couple of times, last year to be precise. All along the beach there is cement walkway, with many restaurants and (Bars) :} the bathrooms are accessible. There are many accessible motels, however, this is Peek season. Furthermore, if you like to shop, one block in you will find many shops (some more accessible then others. All in all its getting better every year. As for the long ride everyone had great ideas cushion, stopping and stretching etc. just keep moving.. In addition, be safe.i

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    You'll be fine. I'm T12 been on several trips longer than 10 hours with 2 kids. I just change positions a lot. You shoul dbe a ble to lay back since you aren't driving which will help a lot. The only big hassle for me was trying to find a gas station late at night without getting the creeps. Since you have another adult with you that should solve that.
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    thanks for the heads up everyone. I figured it was 'peak' time, but it is a business trip, no help there on timing.

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