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Thread: pressure sores on thighs

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    pressure sores on thighs

    My Mom recently noticed two small pressure sores on the backs of my thighs. I have been trying to be really careful to avoid pressure sores, since I haven't had one in over a year, but it happened anyway. All I know is that the sores hurt and itch bad. They are right on the cutoff area where I can start to feel my legs (mid-thigh).

    The only thing we can think of that caused them was me sitting on a different cushion in my backup chair (my main chair is too big for me now, so we've been using my backup chair more with a Jay Active gel/foam cushion). Right now, Mom is having me sit on my Roho Quadtro Select cushion (our backup cushion) to try to relieve the pressure more, but that cushion is very uncomfortable to sit on all day long. I like the gel cushions, because they are comfortable to sit on, especially for someone who can feel everything from mid-thigh and above.
    Does anyone know of any other cushion we can try that is for people at moderate/high risk for pressure sores?


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    This is a difficult question as, based on other factors, I have seen skin breakdown on all types of cushions. My experience is that it has alot to do with moisture, sitting up for long periods, not doing pressure releases, sitting on foreign objects,etc. The amount of inflation in a cushion like a Roho is, of course, critical.

    I would recommend whatever cushion you choose, to consider getting a pressure mapping, where your body is seated on a cushion and a machine checks for areas of increased pressure. It produces a mapping of any high pressure areas with an individual cushion.

    Let's see what others have to say. I know people don't want to hear this, but you might consider limiting your time up in the chair- definitely at this point when you have the sores, I would recommend staying off the area completely.


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    There are other Jay cushions, like the J2 and the Jay deep, meant for people more at risk. But the place you mention your sores are, isn't where the gel is -it's just foam at front. And that foam you can actually cut to fit your needs - maybe yours should be more rounded?

    I know - not fun to cut an expensive cushion. Hoping you may have an old spare one... If not, remember that the gel part of the Jay is the expensive part - I think the foam part is less than a third of the price. No time to check their website right now, but try to search for Jay Active or whatever you have/prefer.

    You could also try placing your foot-rests a bit higher - but then that might put more pressure on your butt...

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    You say mid thighs .... the weather is getting nice. Have you been wearing shorts? I was wondering if the hem on shorts could be causing the pressure.

    Good luck healing them. I hope it is quick.
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