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Thread: Wound problem

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    I make my own acetic acid solution by eye-balling it. A bit of white vinegar and some filtered water. It has kept my pseudomonas at bay as there's no evidence on the dressing. Pseudomonas has a sweet fruit-that's-off smell ... you would know it.

    If a 'rotting' smell (sorry) I would guess it's staph and you need antibiotics like yesterday!
    You are correct white vinegar is a 5% acetic acid this is the same solution my urologist and I found and is what I use too.

    I had a wound pump put on my side when my Baclofen pump worked its way out of my body. It took about 9 weeks before I got rid of the vac and there was an order that caused me to stay home too. All I can say it is better then being in a confinement room in the hospital. Hang in there and keep us posted.

    The worst part of this ordeal for me any way was getting depressed. I am not a psychologist but do know when I feel like crap and want to just say screw it. Places like this have got me out of bed and back to doing something and that is the first step back.

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    Thank you all for the exellent advice!!! I did go home with anitbiotics for 14 days. The wound vac has done a great job. However, this last weekend I was off it for 3days, and had more healing just in those 3 days. So my nurse and I, againist docs knowledge we are going to leave vac off on weekends. As far as the protien intake, I am a gastric by-pass pt of 4 years ago, my protien intake has to be high anyway. (After 4 years I successfully have lost 175 lbs. My husband feels all the problems are related to this surgery.)
    Anyway, You all have been great for listening to my problem and taking time to reply and do research.


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    You say Microcyn is available in Canada - where? I live in Toronto, have looked everywhere for it, and nobody seems to have heard of it.

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    Did you try above?

    A rep just sent me a couple of boxes of the stuff because it was close to its due date. I'm sorry that I don't have his name or address anymore.
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