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I make my own acetic acid solution by eye-balling it. A bit of white vinegar and some filtered water. It has kept my pseudomonas at bay as there's no evidence on the dressing. Pseudomonas has a sweet fruit-that's-off smell ... you would know it.

If a 'rotting' smell (sorry) I would guess it's staph and you need antibiotics like yesterday!
You are correct white vinegar is a 5% acetic acid this is the same solution my urologist and I found and is what I use too.

I had a wound pump put on my side when my Baclofen pump worked its way out of my body. It took about 9 weeks before I got rid of the vac and there was an order that caused me to stay home too. All I can say it is better then being in a confinement room in the hospital. Hang in there and keep us posted.

The worst part of this ordeal for me any way was getting depressed. I am not a psychologist but do know when I feel like crap and want to just say screw it. Places like this have got me out of bed and back to doing something and that is the first step back.