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Thread: Does anyone really think there will ever be a cure to SCI

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    Does anyone really think there will ever be a cure to SCI

    With all the money being put into research does anyone think there will ever be an outright cure for SCI?
    Now, I understand that it is unlikely there will be a shot in the arm and a day later you will be walking, but, is that ever going to be a reality?
    Is the term "cure" refering to a process of getting better gradually?
    Will people who are unable to walk/use hands/arms/sexual function/B&B/.... ever be able to undergo procedures to repair function to the above?
    I am so curious about all this cure and research stuff. Stem cell implantation, surgeries, shots, ect..etc..
    What is a cure? Is it a process? Do researchers and believers actually think a cure is in the future?
    Will people who stay in shape, eat well, stay strong, do the things the doctors and therapists say you should in case there is a "cure" actually be able to participate in procedures to get up and out of their chairs?
    Is it wishfull thinking or a true honest to God reality?
    Please forgive me if this seems like an ignorant question. I am new to this and honestly have not kept up with this topic.
    I am so curious and willing to help, support, and do my part to be a part of this fight.
    PLEASE enlighten me all you who have kept up with this and know soooo much more than I do.

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    Why don't you start here:
    A lot of great answers from Dr. Wise Young.

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    Have you ever heard the mathematicians’ reason for prayer? It goes something like this… If you pray and there is no God you have lost nothing, if there is a God and you don’t pray you will loose everything.

    I too am very angry there is nothing remotely close to a cure, but not as angry as I will be with myself if something comes along and I did nothing to prepare for it. Maintenance is always easier than building from the ground up. Ask someone that has stopped e’stimming or riding their FES bike for a while.
    please . . .test what you already know; and give us what you have. we may not be dying, but we certainly are not living either

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    Cure as in back to the way we were pre-injury? Not in our lifetimes. Treatment that provides a meaningful increase in function/sensation? Sometime in the next 10-15 years. Just my prediction. But as Dan points out, there are probably a thousand posts on this site with information on the subject. Settle in and do some searching!

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    With money and laws in our side, all of us would be walking soon. No doubt.
    Muscles can be rebuild, bones can recover the lost mass, and spinal cord can be repaired. Essentially cure spinal cord is possible and feasible, we only need the tools to get it.
    I think that human body are very underestimated.
    -Ramps in buildings are necessary, but it would be usefull to have another ones for people (mind/heart).....

    -Hoc non pereo habebo fortior me

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    Yes! There will be a cure and/or therapies to get all of you out of those chairs! I have to believe this or I might as well drive off of a cliff! We have to start with this upcoming election and elect a President who will support and federally fund the necessary research. Start spreading the word - talk to your family and friends and get them to vote DEMOCRAT!

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    Well, I can tell you I'm not here for Care.


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    hey nathanjmac! personally i wouldn't ever try to declare a limit on human knowledge or innovation. i have no doubt in two or three thousand years humans will have technology none of us can even imagine! a million years from now even more so...

    i also have no doubt they can repair the spinal cord now. dr. young said in a chat room a few years ago he had seen transected rat cords in japan repaired to the point where they looked no different from normal cords. and i'm sure we've all read articles of repairs done over the last three years or so and yet none of these magnificent advances ever seem to get to people. but i would bet if we could have access to ALL the information in labs all over the world a cure would be there.

    using biomaterial for bridges, implanted pre-differentiated embryonic stem cells to grow into the cells needed, nanospheres to remove scar tissue, growth factor to help guide and promote cell replication and yes, they've even grown and stretched axons out of petri dishes. jumper cables for the spinal cord.

    oh yeah, the technology is there, all that's needed is the cash and the will to get these advances to people.

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    i agree with pate. the cure is pretty much here. a few tweaks here, a few tweaks there, final confirmation in trials, then it will be available to all.

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    Cool where's my 10 grand DA??? lol

    we bet 10 grand years ago that the cure would be here by 2000. I have given you 8 years of leniency. Now i want my money to take a cruise.


    To all concerned. DA and I were one of the first way back in 97(cure paralysis now website) to post and find and give info on sci. Max was the best poster. Hi Max.

    anyways DA means well but he just does not want to accept the fact that the FDA runs the whole show wheather you like it or not, Till you see some therapy or drug in the 3rd stage of clinical trials there is nothing really to get excited about. It takes anywhere fom 5-10 years for most new drugs to be approved.
    John Ponziano
    sci post 16 years

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