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Thread: Where Should Donations Go?

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    Where Should Donations Go?

    I'm just wondering, how many of you have donated and/or do donate regularly to SCI research? What are your opinions on what organizations are the best to donate to? Where does our money need to go to get to the cure the quickest?

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    My husband and I do (well missed a year for a special trip). We tend to rotate through the SCI Project, the TMA (Transverse Myelitis Association) and the Peter Morton Paralysis Fund. I also do most my online buying through and that goes to Peter's organization now. Without trying it and the SCI Project have gotten about $400 in 7 years and I get to write it off on taxes. To sign up (and no spam except the occasional special promotion from Betty like free shipping) and start giving to the organization of your choice go to:

    I just sent another $2.48 to cure research by buying my new Dell battery through Dell and got free shipping. No one around me sells Dell batteries just Dell computers. There's over 600 stores including JC Penny, Lands End, Nordstroms and Bloomingdale's!
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    We donate to the WM Keck Center, Reeve-Irvine, and Dr. Jack Kessler's work at Northwestern.
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