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    My son was in the hospital this last week , he has C-diff.
    They released him Sunday with two prescriptions, one is metronidazole 500 mg and the other is fluconazole 200 mg every other day. I think the second is for a yest infection.
    He is still so sick, still had diarrhea and can't tolerate his tube feeding, he's vomiting after even 30 min. on the pump. His DR. is closed today so will call tomorrow but this has me worried sick. How long before he starts felling better? He also had low H/H and is on a wound vac. We were doing better on his nutrition till this now I just don't know. Thanks for your help.
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    Your son still sounds very sick. And, yes, the metranodizole is for the c diff and the fluconazole is usually for a fungal infection. Usually they do not release people from the hospital unless their diarrhea is subsiding and they can tolerate eating, but things are changing.

    You son has great potential for dehydration if he is vomitting and having diarrhea. sometimes it can take a few daysa of being on the medication for the diarrhea to stop.

    If he is having weakness, low blood pressure, change in mental status or other signs of dehydration, I would take him to the emergency department.
    Doesn't your doctor have an answering service who can reach him?
    I would also try to give him through the g tube, some pedialyte, gatorade or some kind of electrolyte mixture to replace what he is losing through the diarrhea or emesis.

    Keep us posted.


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    Thank You SCI Nurse,
    Well since he never had a BM while he was in hospital I guess they could say he had no diarrhea! He really wanted out the people who work on that wing of the hospital were the Pitts!! I think they were covering there butts on the c diff because the paper they sent home said they were treating him for "dehydration". Even though his DR. said he had C diff and gave him the medication for it. My sons DR. is not the one who takes care of him in the hospital, they use a hospitalist (sp) It's very annoying to me but such is life.
    My sons blood pressure is usually low, his temperature was 91.2 day before yesterday and 96.2 today.
    will try and keep him hydrated.
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    Shawn 24 years old
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    From a fall on May20 2007

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    Pedialyte works better than gatorade as long as he doesn't need to taste it. Might start adding an acidolphilus capsule down the tube too. The little pearls work best and should fit. I left rehab the first time because I thought C diff was going to kill me there. Once home I slowly started to improve. Do a lot of laundry....clean does help. Good luck.
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