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Thread: How many weeks/months to regain anything

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    It took a lot of mental work, since I knew it was just a bruise and not cut, I had a chance.. I was complete, but while in the hospital, I literally tried to fire any muscle, every single commercial while watching tv. At night, I tried every hour. I told myself that if something moved, that part of my body was going to hate me.

    about a month later my toe moved. That toe got abused so bad, then all of a sudden while moving my toe around, my ankle moved. and thats how the cycle started.

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    really interesting.

    bump, more people gain function after months of being complete?

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    I began to think that I was feeling muscle contractions on the inside at about 6 months post.
    At 9 months a PT could feel my abs working on the outside.
    Deep feeling in S5 area ( anal sensation) after about a year.

    Very slow but steady gains in motor function.

    After two years the muscles in my upper legs began to be strong enough to be verified by my PT and just last week (2.5 years) I demonstrated some toe movement.

    Steady, persistent, yet relaxed effort along with tons of patience and stready faith in recovery have been the key for me.

    Each new bit of function makes life exponentially easier.
    It seems to adding up faster these days as well.


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    more experiences of initial hospitalization, inital rehab, going motor or sensory, voluntary functions??

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    it's about time i finally post. i was labeled complete in the hospital after my grand cherokee rolled over me as i came out the moonroof, but i'm bruised not cut. fractured neck, broken back (t4-5 sci), 7 ribs, punctured lungs, and a ton of other injuries. so i look for continued progress as well. luckily, project walk, now journey forward, opened close to me just a few weeks out of rehab.

    since i've been home, i've gained a large amount of trunk control and gained some patches of sensation. i wasn't real spastic or with much tone at rehab. but it did start there, now on a power plate can stand for about 2 minutes. i'm sitting here trying to move my toes as i type and getting spuradic(sp?) twitches. i'm also beginning to feel when my bladder is getting full.

    i think i owe a lot to getting back to being physically active with increased circulation.

    sorry, 10 months post.. 1 month in hospital, 3 in rehab, 4+ at journey forward...
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    4 months post; finally home.
    rest and sleep; a little adaptive bullshit pt;
    hopefully journey forward or minchigan institute of rehab or sci step will come up soon

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