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Thread: Probiotics

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    I take Florajen like a religion, infection or not. It has worked great for me.

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    Here's what I take when I'm on antibiotics after surgery. It really works well. There are 5 different cultures in each tablet, and a coating that protects the cultures from stomach acid. It might be pricey if used as an everyday supplement, but for when one is on abx, it's great.
    RDF, I found this probiotic on Amazon. It doesn't seem to pricey at $21 for 250 caplets. Using your link the price would be $20 for 120 caplets. I will add it to my cart. How many caplets do you take a day?
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    I take two or three, but only when I'm on antibiotics after surgeries. I don't take probiotics at all when I'm not taking abx, besides an occasional yogurt.
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