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Thread: Caregiver In California

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    Caregiver In California

    I am looking for someone to assist me for a few days in Santa Rosa, CA in July. I have MS and need help w/transfers, dressing... I am looking at July 6-9th. If anyone knows someone I could hire, please let me know.

    Thanks so much,

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    You are unlikely to find anyone here as mostly there are family caregivers here. You can do one or all of the following:
    • Contact a Home Health Agency in that area and inquire about private rates for a HHA or LVN to help you with your care (depending on what you need done). You can find agencies via the Yellow Pages. You may need a CA physician's order for some things.
    • Contact the local ILC and see if they have a list of PCAs looking for temporary work. You would have to interview and arrange hours and pay with the PCA via phone or e-mail.
    • Post an ad in the Santa Rosa area Craig's List.
    • Take your current PCA with you and pay for their travel expenses.

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    Thank you for your reply.

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