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Thread: 2nd Selective Nerve Root Block

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    Talking help for the boss

    Hey Boss The Only Thing I Found Thru All The Years Of Pain That Helped Me Relax Enough At Night After Work That I Could Sleep Was A 12 Pack Of Bud And Some Tylenol!! Seriously I Drank Alot Of Bud,but It Helped Ease The Pain. I Don't Want To Sound Like A Jackass But That Was The Only Way I Could Fall Asleep,otherwise I Could Not Get Comfortable In Bed,my Back Would Just Kill Me. I Tried All Different Kinds Of Over The Counter Meds But Non Of Them Worked As Well As Good Old Buddy Wiser ! Well Boss I Wish I Could Be Of More Help But I Told You Everything I Can ,i Know It's Tuff Trying To Work And Keep Up When Your In Pain, Maybe A Few Bud's Will Help You Relaxe The Muscle Spasm's That You Are Getting That Make's The Symptoms Worse. After Years Of Back Pain And Spasm's Your Spine Start's To Staighten Instead Of Being Curved And That Will Cause You More Problem's In The Long Run As Far As Trying To Bend. Well Good Luck With Your Doc I Wish You The Best. Jeff

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    I know what you mean. I have drank a little while taking the meds. You know to give it that little kick, I know I know all the responses I will get from saying this but if it works so a person can at least sleep a bit then I say go for it!! Pills and booze don't mix but I am tired of being looked at as a junkie every time I get a different prescription, at the Pharmacy because the doc is saying try this , and try that, and when those don;t work he tries me on something else again. I think it is horrible that the staff there all know me by name and ask "what do you need this time?" and kinda roll their eyes. Doc should have samples and that way I wouldn't look so much like an addict. I should be getting AirMiles for the amount of money I have given them I could be flying across the world hee hee hee. I guess I am sort of an addict, as when I went to have the second injection I had to be medication free for 24 hours before the injection so I could direct him to the right spot with the needle. Well, I was not feeling too great without the slight relief that the pills gave me. I guess I hadn't realized what relief they did bring as without them I felt like a steamroller passed over me a couple times. I can't imagine how much fun it will be to wean myself off of this stuff if and when I ever get better. I have been experiencing a lot of cramping in my right leg and it is real shaky when putting any weight on it. My feet are both freezing cold both to my senses and to the touch. Have tripped over my own feet as well a couple of times since the injection, coincidence or just clumsy not sure there. Maybe I should try a bungee jump, maybe that will straighten out all this mess...............................
    BigBossMan Wuz Here.....

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    Talking go ahead jump

    Hey Boss Give Me A Couple Days Heads Up On The Bungy Jump I Would Like To Be There .if It Works For You Then I Will Try It. Like They Say No Pain No Gain. Man O Man They Would Probley Need A Crow Bar To Get My Ass Off From Around My Head After The Jump. Aw Just Funin. Yea I Had To Stay Off My Meds For Surgery A Couple Of Times,it Wasn't Long Before They Knocked Me Out But For A Few Hour's While I Was Awake It Sucked.hey Have A Good Weekend If You Can ,we Are Gonna Have A Heat Wave Saturday 90's That Will Sweat The Meds Out.well Later Then .jeff

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    6 years of suffering

    I've been having back pain for the last 6 years off and on (mostly on). Within the last year it's gotten worse, after I had ART done on my piriformis. The MRI I had over a year ago said there were mild disc bulges at L4/L5 and my S1 disc didn't fuse in childhood. So I've been doing chiro and physio and most recently intramuscular stimulation on the piriformis. The ART triggered brutal muscle spasms in the buttocks during the night. I've had some numbness in my left foot off and on and it started again over the last few days. With the severe spasms came a really difficult walking and I was really skewed to the right to compensate for the tightness and pain.

    Due to the numbness they're finally going to send me for a nerve root blockage on S1 and if that doesn't work then L5. I'm in Canada. At what point would they do surgery, since no one seems to think the discs are bulging enough. And I'm not very aggressive with the doctors even though I've been suffering way too long with this. It's most likely due to all the office desk work I've done as an engineer and IT consultant, I've never had any traumatic events.

    Any help/advice would be appreciated!

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    Well, after suffering with this condition or similar issues for over 20 years now. I am not sure when the doc's will do the surgery, I too have been too soft or "accommodating" with the medical professionals in saying that it's OK I am fine and then drag my hurtin ass to work again because I can't stand to sit idle and "wait for the fix" I guess I am just a bit impatient so after a short while I return to work and just live with the pain and limitations. I also have been told to "suck it up" and "it could be worse" "you really don't want to go through surgery" Well after this long I have about had it and have tried everything under the sun short of standing on one foot with a pig's foot waving around my head chanting to the devil to take my pain away. I think that the doc's are usually pretty good and knowing the waiting lists are out of this world here in Canada are trying anything and everything possible to assist in healing without cutting but sometimes it seems the Pharmaceutical Companies are the one pulling the puppet strings. Most recently if you have read the thread in it's entirety, I have been off work now for two years and I am not giving in until I am healed and am not suffering in agony every day. I know now that because of the waiting game and the long waiting lists to get in to see specialists, etc. that some of the damage is unrepairable and have been told this from the surgeon himself. Said if I had gotten in sooner, he could have easily gone in and done his thing and most likely with some physio been back to work and back to "life" a long time ago. Of course this is barring any unforseen circumstances however I'm quite confident that the sooner the medical intervention the sooner the road to recovery can begin. All I can suggest is to keep strong, keep believing that one day you will get better, and if it hurts to let someone know (doctor) don't be shy about admitting when even the slightest pull this way or that way has you writing in pain. Also if your pain changes in any way, or you develop new symptoms let him/her know immediately, i.e. incontinence, inablility to achieve "wood", etc. These issues although embarrassing, could be indicative of issues that need to be addressed immediately and should not be left "alone" hoping that they go away on their own. As well one last thing I have discovered is to keep as active as you possibly can. I don't mean start running marathons, but do keep active. Sitting/laying around is OK for a while but do not let your body become deconditioned waiting to get better. Even though I hurt I still go for walks, and putter around in the yard as much as tolerated. I may not be able to lift this or carry that but sometimes even being outside helps keep your mind off of the pain. Not sure if any of this helps you or anyone else reading the thread but just my thoughts.
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    Angry Constant Pain Please Help

    I have a bulging disc and sciatica. I am in constant pain. No medications, my dr does not believe in giving pain meds. I am having a nerve root block tommorrow. I have had cortizone shots that have not worked. I am too the point that I can not function anymore due to the pain. I have numbness and tingling in my right leg. Which makes it hard for me too walk. Do these nerve root injections really help or are they just another way to prolong the pain? I have been like this for the last 5 months and I can not take anymore. If you have any advice I would appreciate it.

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    gabby70, The injections helped me but only temporarily. That is to say, that within a few days I was exectly back where I started off. For some, as in above postings, and other threads, they are successful in treating someone with the symptoms you describe. I can't say I would be willing to get another one though. I have to travel 250 miles one way by car/van as My wonderful ins. co. WCB will not pay for someone to travel with me. The hosp. will not release me alone, someone has to be there with me or they keep me overnight for observation. So it is a long an painful drive. I know exactly what you describe, I have been feeling this way since 2006!! I would however suggest seeing another doc. You have to have something to aleiviate the pain. I can't imagine going 5 mo without anything besides Acet. or Ibupro. Are you still working while feeling this way? was this a work related injury or?? Just some background would be helpful is all. Give the injections a try if you want, I can't recommend either way but they are no help to me.
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    It sounds like what you are having done is a selective nerve root injection. They work and worked for me in the cervical spine. It was the two ESI's I had that did NOT work in the lumbar. I wish you well with the injection. Just know that there may be an increase in pain for a few days. I usually put a cold pack on after they are done and rest for that day. I should add that my husband has had both; ESI's and SNRI's for his lumbar and he has gone for a year before without having to another. I think the last one he had was an SNRI and it has almost been a year come to think of it. But, today, I have to call his spinal PM to see what can be done...the pain is coming back. Good luck with your injection and I hope you get some relief.

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    Yes it is a work injury. I was lifting a very good sized patient when it happened. I have been off work for the last 3 months due to the numbness in my leg and the fact that it went totally numb while I was at work. I had the injection today. It took the edge off the leg pain but I am having spasms that are unbelievable. The back pain itself is still the same but a little relief is better then none. The injection dr said he does not understand why they have not just scheduled me for surgery. he does not recommend another injection for me and said he was putting that in the report to my dr. He did not let me leave right away due to the weakness in my leg. Work mans comp is sending me to a fourth dr next week. I guess 3 drs opionons are not enough. The injection dr also said that my disc was putting a lot of pressure on my sciatic nerve. I am so glad that I found this site and people who understand and do not think that I am crazy! I was actually beginning to think that I was. Thank You all very much!

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