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People parking in the crosshatched areas are way too common, usually it's the fat and lazy people that are given a handicapped window tag by their doctor. It's happened to me a couple times and security tells you they have a handicap tag which is a load of shit because clearly it is not a space to park but for unloading and loading of a vehicle. Bout time you hear of a fine for the crosshatch infraction. I believe there needs to be tighter guidelines for obtaining handicapped parking priveldges not just a doctor filling out a application because someone can't walk too far, wtf are you going to the mall for then!!
How can you call them fat and lazy? Do you think it's easy eating all that extra food each and every day; that working their jaws with all that added chewing and their throats with all that extra swallowing is easy. How about just ambulating with all that extra insulation weighing them down and heating them up? Reality check!