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Thread: Bowel program options:I'm at a loss:SCI Nurse?

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    Bowel program options:I'm at a loss:SCI Nurse?

    I do my BP every other day and lately the results have been strange. So if anyone can shed sopme light I would appreciate it. My injury level is T7-incomplete

    I've tried magic bullet(a quarter of one) and that seems to be very harsh but I kept at it for a month. Still very harsh. Then I went on to liquid glycerin(fleet) and that was a little milder but still quite powerful. By Harsh I mean it produces result but it really cramps me up( I can feel) and my hemmoroids burn. Then I tried enemeez and they are mild (which I like) but dont produce much results.But when it did, it was gentle.My diet is moderate with a decent amount of fiber both natural and fiber drinks. I drink 3 liters of wate aday at least.I take Dss 500 mg (just started two weeks ago so I'm increasing slowly.So my questions are:

    a)since enemeez seems to be the best in terms of comfort. Should I just stick with ti and see what happens?

    b)Since I've been using the more potent stuff before the enemeez, could my bdy have adjusted to them and now needs that kind of stimuklation in order to go?

    c)Anything else you guys can think of?

    Thanks so much!
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    Have you tried, the other form of magic bullet? A dulcolax byscoyl suppository?

    They don't act as fast as they're oil based binder.

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    yes, its just slower but still cramps hard

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    What is your level of injury?

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    T7 incomplete

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    I use enemeez and the day before a program around 4pm i'll take 2 senna tablets and the following day i do my program between 8-10 am and usually have great results.
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    I C.......I 'm trying to stay off the laxatives though....

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    I irrigate, only way for me to have controll. Coloplast has the equipment for irrigation. Since you don't say what country you are from, try Coloplast website in your language or go to the English site.
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    Struggling with the same thing

    Good questions! I'm eager to get help with this, too.

    I've been trying all kinds of things for the past couple months. After 22 years of the magic bullet, I'm just too sensitive to it (after effects, all day).

    One thing I did was get off it completely for 2 weeks. I felt so good (no sweating), that proved to me the problem was the suppository. It also showed me I don't need anything, if I can just get on a toilet when I feel the need (about every 36 hours). But I can't as a C5/6 complete. Can't you, as an incomplete?

    I ended up getting back on it (only 1/3 magic bullet, every other day). I might cut back to 1/4, but my nurses are already complaining it's too small to hang onto.

    I had similar results as you with enemeez (less/no after effect, but it only gets first half of stool out).

    Lots of fiber and water are the best trick, but you've already figured that out.

    How about dig stim? That might work for me, but I just don't want (my nurse) to do it.

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    for some reason i could never really get dig stim to work. By the time dig stim works either my hand is cramped up or I've overstimulated myself...

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