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Thread: Bioness L300 Foot Drop System

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    Bioness L300 Foot Drop System

    I was on a local show here in Detroit showing off the Bioness L300...a friend recorded it and posted it on You Tube for me.

    Here's the link...
    C5-C7 Walking Quad - Very Incomplete
    Aug '03

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    i have a bioness for sale.. if interested email

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    ITs a shame that Tina posted this great video of herself WAAAAAYYYYY back in 2008 and that no one posted to congratulate her on her progress....

    If you are still around Tina, well....congrats...and I wonder if we could have an update???

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    Tina, you look great! Are you using L300 to this day, and how long do you wear during your day?


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