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Thread: losing aide that knows bowel care

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    losing aide that knows bowel care

    In a month, I'm going to lose the only aide I have that knows bowel care. With the low salaries the agencies that pay the aides provide, I'm not likely to find another one who knows how to do it, and we can't afford to pay a nurse to come in.

    2008 has sucked, and keeps getting worse.

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

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    Sorry for your troubles.
    Alan can't she train someone before she leaves?

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    Do you have to deal with an agency? Can't you hire the PCA on your own? We teach all our clients how to verbally direct their bowel care so that they can always teach their new PCAs. PCAs come and is part of the deal.

    In CA, HHA or CNA from agencies are not allowed to do bowel care at all, so most of our clients don't use them but hire on their own. IHSS allows you to hire anyone if they are the funding source.

    You could certainly consider purchasing Accidents Stink! ($9.95) and use that as part of the training. We use it.


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    Get the word out Alan. Over-communicate through every person and channel you know. Whether it is an ad in several church bulletins (retired RN's go to church! ) or an ad in the local help wanted under care needed.
    Tear everyone's ear off and get them invested in a solution too!

    Good luck!

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    I still can't fix it...but I still am in your corner, Alan. Hang on to hope, and keep looking out for yourself...

    Take care, friend!


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    Run a add on Craigs list under domestics. you'll find plenty of help..

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    Quote Originally Posted by frwheel16 View Post
    Run a add on Craigs list under domestics. you'll find plenty of help..
    Any idea how an ad for someone to do bowel care should be worded?

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

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    "Seeking personal care attendant for assistance with activities of daily living including personal (bowel and bladder) care."


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    Any update on if Alan found the help he needed? I to will be in the same boat real soon I'm sure.. All my care for 24 years has been provided by my family and now it's just me and Ma unfortunately she is at that age in life were she won't be able to help much longer...
    I hope you found the help you were looking for Alan

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    My brother's night sitter is trained by myself to do what is called a 'bed bowel program' wherein the suppository is placed and then he uses bathroom in bed in a diaper, wherein she rolls him over and gets it off him, placing another diaper under him like changing a baby in it's crib, but a larger baby - of course. He HATES using bathroom in bed, but has gotten used to it as it's the simplest and fastest method.

    I bought him a $480 potty chair made out of pvc pipe that has reclining back and feet rests as well that recline. He never used it when he came home out of the nursing home he'd been living in post injury in 2007. The nursing home had implemented the 'bed bowel' thing and I made sure when he came home he'd have a potty chair compatable with his injury that he could be placed on. It was so much trouble getting him on/off the chair that he never even used it - once.

    He's had one sitter that does his bowel program in bed at night. Usually between 1-2 hours after suppository is placed, it's all over with after he lies on his side to be cleaned. Sure, it's yucky, but it works.

    I agree with the moderator here, these people that are hired to care for you should be willing to do this. I also know about lazy, unwilling aides. It's a never ending cycle and I put an ad in our local paper when I need another one, let the answering machine get their phone number. If they sound like they might REALLY be interested or might have some sense, I will call them back and weed them out according to the way they talk. Money is always the issue. We, too, have little of that. Sometimes, explaining to them that your'e paying CASH, not withholding taxes from their income makes it sound better. We also have 14 hours/day paid sitting through a state agency. I also have MY preferences on their payroll by placing my ad and helping them fill out their applications to get them paid via state Medicaid program in our state. I found out early in the game that the class of people the state sent to my brother was not the kind I wanted in his home because of lack of knowledge and poor attitudes. It is hard sometimes to find a good sitter (who has to do MORE than just SIT) to tend to a quad.

    I feel for you guys. I only wish there were more people in this world that had a desire to help paralyzed people with their daily existence. A lot of times, family won't do it and often times one person has all the responsibility and love to tend to the task at hand. That's how it's done at our household. Somebody has to tend to it. I really feel for the paralyzed person who has to do all this by themselves with no support from family or friends. You are to be commended.

    Sister to Quad

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