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    Few updates:

    I put up a flicker page here with a few photos of the dev board, power supply, and embedded system. The single channel FES proof of concept is very close to being complete. We just need to drop in a missing IC and solder a capacitor and we will be ready to turn it on. I have decided to ditch the chain driven system on the Powertrainer for a couple of electic motors. Using these motors, we can adjust resistance, detect user torque, and even passively pedal the bike if neccessary. We are sizing up the bike tomorrow to see exactly which motors we want to go with.

    On the system level, I have been trying like crazy to get the OpenFES Linux distribution compiled. I thought I had solved all of the issues last night, but I woke up to a broken build. I started the build again on my laptop, only to have the partition run out of space. When I get it done, I will upload it to the at91sam9261 development board and set to work on data aquisition and control.

    Here is the dev board as of 1-5-09. It's just a proof of concept, so the controls are analog (the giant potentiometers you see). Once we prove it works, we will replace the analog pots with digital, add serial communication and a few other goodies, then send it off to be fabricated.

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