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Thread: Since the Chevy Monte Carlo is kaput...

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    I love my Ford Thunderbirds. I have a 1996 (going on 160,000 miles) and I have a 1993 with 90000 miles. The 1993 lost overdrive, but still driveable. I think my next car will be a Mustang, not sure of what year I would want though. If I can find another 1996-1997 Model year T-bird with low mileage, I would buy that instead. I'm going to see if my 1996 will make the 200,000 mile mark before getting a new car.
    It's real easy to put my wheelchair in the back seat, that's why I love the T-birds so much, plus they a good looking cars. If you keep up on the maintenance and don't have the 3.8L V6 engine, the T-birds last a long time.

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    How about this one? Think it would work for us? Looks really small, but 59MPG is pretty attractive.

    Just yesterday I wrote about what I dubbed as “perhaps the ultimate city car,” the 59 MPG Toyota iQ 4-seater. I also bemoaned Toyota for releasing it in Europe but not in the US.

    Well, turns out Toyota is bringing the iQ to the US under the Scion badge. Motor Trend, without citing sources, is claiming that the Scion-branded iQ will be shown to the public at the upcoming LA Auto Show next month.

    No word on a release date yet, but I’ll be able to bring you more details on the iQ and many other upcoming car releases, both fuel-efficient and alternative, when I visit the LA Auto Show from November 17-20th.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zero
    How about this one?
    That is adorable.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiger Racing
    That is adorable.

    Ha ha, that's my one concern about the thing. Now I don't really identify myself with the exterior appearance of my vehicle, but out here in the land of the SUV and the F-350, such a car is likely to get a lot of giggles. Not to mention be dead meat in a collision. Still, a small, light, efficient vehicle would be great. It's not a hybrid or anything either, just a fuel efficient engine [gas or diesel options].

    Some of the options might be of particular interest to the SCI. More info:

    If they could get the base price around $10k I'd think they might sell quite a few.

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    Agreed with Lynnifer, Tiger. My Mini is great and as a C6-7 I can disassemble / store my chair no problem. Yes, BMW 3 (or other) series also an excellent choice.

    Depending on budget and desire you may also want to check-out Subaru's line. Quick, ergonomic, wide doors (key to any car transfers) and out-of-the-box ready.

    The new Mitsu, I think it's called ~ Evo is pretty cool as well.

    Btw, fwiw, a couple of wheelers out here have also opted for used Audi's. I wouldn't trust them for reliability but they are big, roomy, fast, comfortable.

    Good luck with your choice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Chappell
    a couple of wheelers out here have also opted for used Audi's. I wouldn't trust them for reliability...
    Why not? Audi makes some great cars these days.


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    Quote Originally Posted by NoDecafPlz View Post
    What car has enough room to pull the wheelchair behind you?

    Charger? Challenger?
    NoD, go for the Challenger, not only will your chair fit in the back, you'll have a boner everytime you drive it, I know I would (if I had one) The absolute sweetest wheels available!!

    Geez, I just got perky uploading the photo.........

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