Help Ensure Access to Power Wheelchairs
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Your help is urgently needed to ensure that people with ALS continue to have access to power wheelchairs through the Medicare program.
The ALS Association is joining organizations across the country to urge Congress to ensure that Medicare's new competitive bidding program does not limit the ability of Medicare beneficiaries to access the power wheelchairs they need when they need them.
The competitive bidding program is scheduled to take effect this July in 10 selected areas of the country, including parts of North Carolina. The ALS Association is targeting Members of Congress in these areas and we need your help to deliver a loud and clear message to our legislators: That power wheelchairs are not a matter of convenience for people with ALS. They are a vital part of living with this disease and are urgently needed by everyone diagnosed with ALS.
Background information and detailed instructions on how you can help preserve access to power wheelchairs are available on our website here (or cut and paste the following address into your browser: If ALS has limited your ability to call your Members of Congress, please ask a family member, caregiver or friend to call on your behalf.
Please contact the Advocacy Department of The ALS Association at or 1-877-444-ALSA if you have any questions about this important issue.
Thank you!