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Thread: Pa State Police have "Better" things to do......

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    Pa State Police have "Better" things to do......

    than write tickets for h/c parking!

    Yep! Thats what the head of the House GOP told me yesterday during a telephone conversation that degraded VERY quickly after that.

    Here's a little background.... The Pa. Vehicle code is archaic when it comes to enforcing current ADA parking standards. Under current state law, police can't enforce access isles, displayers do not have to carry or show their ID card upon request and there is nothing to force a business to sign their property in any manner. The Pa vehicle code says that there MUST be a sign there in order to enforce the space, but nothing mandates the business place the sign there in the first place.... HUH??? I guess I'm stupid because that makes no sense to me. LOL

    I contacted my local representative regarding the issue and showed him the manner in which the State of Washington, among other states, is addressing their parking. (Thanx Cass ) He told me that he would forward to the proper transportation commitee for review and changes.

    Yesterday I received a telephone call from Greg Grasa, teling me that they MIGHT be able to change the current law regarding access isles, but nothing else. They said that they weren't even going to try. Mr. Grasa told me that the director would be able to articulate it much better.

    A few minutes later Mr. Grasa called me and placed me on speakerphone, his director was also in the room. The director told me that the provision in our vehicle code as only put there to "appease" the Paralyzed Veterans of America. He doesn't beleive the state has the right to tell proprieters how to sign and mark their properties. He told me that Pa is much to "Diverse" to enforce the regulations other states do. He beleived that parking should be a local issue, regulated by the mayor, city or town council and their ordinances. (Even though the state issues and regulates handicapped parking and placcards. HMMMM?) I asked him how the State police would enforce a violation in a rural area. since the State Police can't enforce local ordinance. His answer.......that there aren't parking problems in pa, and the Pa. State Police "have better things to do" than enforce parking laws.

    I hope he ends up on O2, gets cardio problems, or in a w/c so he can appreciate what I'm trying to do.

    Do any of you, especially Pennsylvanians, want their phone numbers or e-mails?

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    You can send me the phone numbers i would love to call. thanks dave
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    Aren't these people aware that ADA is under federal jurisdiction, and those statements leave them open to a federal lawsuit?

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    If they don't take YOU seriously, who ARE they going to take seriously?

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    Dave, I'd think this a joke if it were not coming from you.

    I'm pizzed.

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    Time to contact the DOJ ADA dept. and see how they like this. What you posted just really gets my blood boiling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LaMemChose
    I'm pizzed.
    I couldn't have said it any better myself ME! I was enjoying a beautiful day with my daughter when I received that call. Her pre-school had a father's day picnic! Yea!!

    I'm going to contact Marlene Perkins (I think she's with PVA or United Spinal) regarding this. She has been EXTREMELY helpful and knowledgeable in the past.


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    Take it to the media Dave. They'll eat this up.
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    I can't believe such remarks. Surely there is a higher authority to turn to. I'm sorry in 2008 that you were talked to in that manner. Go get em. If anybody can, I know you can. I'd say it's media time.

    What's this CRAP about PA being "too diverse?" Talk to CA. Their parking code is similar to WA's. Anyway, what's he mean, exactly? Diversity is a term used to include PWD as well as race, gender, etc. The guy has his terms up his a$$.... as well.
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    He told me that Pa is much to "Diverse" to enforce the regulations other states do.
    reaching much?

    Media time definitely. Go get em Dave.
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