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Thread: Continence care products reimbursement

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    Continence care products reimbursement

    Hi ppl,

    I am doing some research on how this change could impact the US market for catheters and would appreciate it if u can help me with the following:

    How much is a pre-coated, an uncoated catheter and how much is the gel for each catheterisation?

    Is there a limit on the price of each catheter under the new scheme? i.e. are pre-coated catheters covered
    How much co pay was and is there for pre-coated, uncoated catheter and the gel, respectively?
    How often are you guys in contact with your dealers?

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    Google is your friend. And the new Medicare guidelines make a bad stock play idea, as well as being stale. Sorry pal.

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    Purpose of the study?

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