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Thread: Strategies for staying slim.

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    Being SCI has kept my weight down, with little danger of it going up. I just can't eat a lot any more. I have no room in the morning to eat breakfast so my first meal is at about 1.30/2.00pm when I have muesli with greek yoghurt. During the day I drink water, tea (too much) with occasional biscuit and some fruit. Evening meal at about 7.30pm is usually a meat/fish dish with wholemeal pasta/brown rice / polenta or baked potato. Or in summer a lot of salads. For my sweet tooth I eat dark chocolate. Alcohol is usually red wine. I find I can't eat eggs any more and I rarely eat cheese (and then only goat or sheep's) or butter. All cooking is with olive oil.
    I'm not particularly slim though - I never was. And the extra flesh I carry is mostly on by bum. But I want to keep that as I reckon the cushioning it provides will keep pressure sores at bay. And if I ever get really sick and can't eat at least I have some fat to live off for a while!
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    I have a wicked sweet tooth that I have been trying really hard to curb. I know that if I kick the sugar habit the sweet tooth will go away. I have gained 20 lbs since Rob's injury and its not pretty.

    So keep the tips coming. I love reading them and trying to incorporate them into my life. I'm really into getting more whole, organic foods into my life but I'm all about convenience at the same time. Any suggestions?

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    I still have trouble w/ the whole food. There is the odd frozen dinner w/ no chemicals, I keep a few of those around. Keep good organic yogurt nearby. I have to have handy food, or I'll wind up getting filet-o-crack at Mickey'sD's.

    Oatmeal, shredded wheat, some ground flaxseed added to your yogurt, good granola w/ the yogurt...easy, simple meal or snack and I need the fiber.

    I like little mini wedges of brie, with bagel chips and maybe that fruit that comes in a cup. (Not ideally whole food, but fits my lifestyle and no chemicals.)

    It's a process. I'll get better at it. Right now I'm learning to read labels and avoid multi-syllabic foodstuffs.

    The thing about whole food is, once you get in the groove a bit, it tastes lots better. I can't even stomach most of the fast food I used to live on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kap

    So keep the tips coming. I love reading them and trying to incorporate them into my life. I'm really into getting more whole, organic foods into my life but I'm all about convenience at the same time. Any suggestions?
    I've been pushing the hell out of it because I love it so much but miso soup/stew could fill the bill once you've prepared a big pot's worth to keep in the fridge. You could retire the pot too; just transfer the miso to a zip-loc bag and keep that refrigerated where it'll be good for over a week. My stashes never get to last that long.

    Quote Originally Posted by Juke_spin
    After trying a few other misos that didn't impress I went to amazon and ordered a four pack of Hacho Miso (from Eden Soy*). It's super concentrated so the scary looking price really isn't. The packages zip up after each use and don't require refrigeration since this product is a soy/barley blend that's been fermented/aged for three years. The taste is sublime (as long as you don't overdo it) and the packages have a basic recipe for the soup adding onion, green onion and carrots.

    Chia seeds also came from an amazon seller** and I got two of the three lb. packages. These come in individual 1 pound zipper bags that don't require refrigeration.

    For the miso stew I generally use more than twice the recommended paste and also more than double up the veggies. Then I'll add pasta, rice or barley to each helping/meal of the refrigerated stew base as I heat it up to make it a complete meal. This is the first soy based product that agrees with me in every particular and it tastes wonderful.


    Unless/untill you put some seafoof or red meat in it, it has virtually no fat and is loaded with vitamins and minerals.

    Quote Originally Posted by Juke_spin
    Recently my accumulated stays at the local hospital's ER for bowel blockages and partial bbs helped me decide in favor of a more fiber intensive diet. My orientation is such that this has come to mean a huge increase in fruits and vegetables, mainly veggies. I've also come under the spell of fine miso soups and stews and will generally have a pot of one cooling in the fridge. One of the results of this change has been that my perception of the kitchen smell has changed greatly for the better. It is true that I find the smell of miso soup base/paste intriguing - where an Amazon reviewer describes it as that of "dirty gym socks", but then this same guy goes from praising the miso he's reviewing highly to remarking how he's still got most of a 12 oz. pouch left after a year! Since I've gone through most of two pouches in the past three weeks I've got to doubt where this individual is coming from.
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    Eliminate the Sugar Substitutes

    Quote Originally Posted by Mona~on~wheels View Post
    All sugar substitutes (except stevia) are chemically altered.
    The chemicals are not recognized as food (because they're not) in the liver and damages it. The liver is vital for every function in your body.
    Ruin it & you're in trouble.
    I just wanted to include a thought along with Mona's that the sugar substitutes namely "aspartame" (has many brand names) trigger a hunger response in the brain that you are still hungry so you eat more. That's why the diet drinks don't work.

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    Stay away from anything white:


    and so forth... Carbs will turn to sugar and sugar turns into Fat and not the "PH" fat.


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