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Thread: Mucus from butt

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    Mucus from butt

    As much as I don't want to talk about this, I think this is the best place for answers...

    In the last 2 or so weeks I've had 2 occassions where large amounts of mucus have basically exploded out of my butt. I feel like I'm about to have the runs, so I go to the toilet and as soon I lift my butt to pull my britches down, this mucusy yuck comes out. When I'm on the toilet, a bunch more comes out, including a lot of clear liquid. Everything else is normal. Any idea of what is going on?

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    Is this after a suppository?

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    Had something similar for a while -doc said it was due to having constipation for way to long. She suggested increasing my fiber intake and taking milk of magnesia whenever I start to get stopped up. Activa seems to work to get things going again for me also, however, if I eat it more than one day i'll end up with the runs.

    Get well soon!! As you know, these type of explosions are terrible!!

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    Nope, I don't use suppositories.

    Amarillogal, I bet that is what the problem was. I was backed up for a number of days due to taking too much Imodium.

    Thank you!

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