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Thread: pain and sci

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    Quote Originally Posted by jappow262
    'CARBAMAZEPINE 200mg, three times a day'. I am now using " Lyrcia 150MG twice daily'. The pain from Trigeminal Neuralgia will put you down on your knees.
    jappow how were the side effects on carbamazepine?
    one doc i spoke to said it may be worth trying, i am already on lyrica 150 a day..
    cauda equina

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    "Nerve root entrapment pain often begins days to weeks after injury and may worsen over time."
    i think this is what io have .
    saturday Had an episode where i was incapacitated for the day,. i always have pain and always have burning stinging but once in a while i get this shocks every 15 to 30 seconds that last for hours. the shocks are very severe. th earea shocked is at the llevel of my injury lumbar injury l4 to s1 , shocks in big toe.
    of course the spinal cord stimulator dies f%^king nothing.
    cauda equina

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    Definitely neuropathic pain. I've been taking 75mg of Lyrica 3 times a day and it has helped.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alan
    I don't have words to fully describe some of the many pain sensations I have. You folks likely have some you can't describe, also. That's central pain - "pain beyond words."

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    I have all of the above also but pain is better then death i think!

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    I take Neurotin and methadone but the pain is still a sob! I've tried many things over 14 years but nothing new in the fast 4.

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    Excellent descriptions adi. I have to say, I have experienced all of them. Generally mine is a mix of neuropathic, central and musculosketel. With a touch of visceral for flavor. I must say tho'

    Quote Originally Posted by adi chicago

    This type of pain is also a concern for individuals with spinal cord injury. It occurs in parts of the body like the bones, joints, and muscles. Musculoskeletal pain is usually worsened by movement and eased with rest. ..............
    is the EASIEST to put up with. At least it makes sense!
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    My musculoskeletal pain is made worse by immobility. ESPECIALLY my hips, holy cow. I think that where they took the chunk out of my hip, the bone kept growing. It sticks quite a ways out now. It's mildly painful. But the hip joints, if I don't stretch them well and often, are excruciating.

    I do see where musculoskeletal pain of the overuse variety would be made worse by movement.

    I was sitting here tonight, thinking wow this left big toe is hurting unusually bad, and my toes hurt bad every night. Looked at it-It had a blister on the end. I can't feel heat, and today when I was cleaning with a little steamer I must have burned it. Probably touched the hose with my toe, duhh. I'll remember to wear shoes in the future!

    That must be why I suddenly got to feeling pukey this afternoon. I'd burned myself and didn't know it. These bodies are a constant guessing game.

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