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Thread: The distribution of world water

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    Kind of makes it real clear why the focus will be on securing rights to glaciers in the coming decades as scarcity of fresh water becomes a global problem.
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    Some corporations are already ahead of the curve when it comes to a future of exploiting limited resources for profit:

    General Electric agrees to buy water company
    By John Christoffersen, AP Business Writer | March 14, 2006

    STAMFORD, Conn. --General Electric Co. will buy a water treatment company in Canada for $656 million in a deal that will accelerate the conglomerate's plans to tap into a fast growing market in a thirsty world, company officials said Tuesday.

    GE's acquisition of Zenon Environmental Inc. will provide technology to help convert seawater into drinking water and to reuse waste water from municipalities and industry, company officials said.

    "We think it will position us as the leader and the lowest cost producer of fresh water from these new sources," said Colin Sabol, chief marketing officer for GE Water and Process Technologies. "We'll be able to make fresh water less expensively than anyone in the world."

    The Fairfield-based industrial, financial services and media company entered the water business in 2002.

    "We saw water scarcity spreading across the globe," Sabol said.

    GE is helping build one of the world's largest water desalination plants in Algeria.

    Zenon makes advanced membranes for water purification, wastewater treatment and water reuse. The company pioneered the use of technology for water and wastewater treatment that is spreading rapidly throughout the world, company officials said.

    Zenon's technology will lower costs to treat water in the initial step, Sabol said. The membranes are well suited to handle fluctuations in water quality typically associated with seawater and wastewater, he said.

    GE's water business, now $2.1 billion, is expected to grow to about $2.5 billion next year and $5 billion in five years, Sabol said.

    GE expects to use the new technology in water-thirsty countries such as China, India and Australia.

    "It will allow us to accelerate our growth in desalination," Sabol said.

    The transaction will require the approval of Zenon's shareholders and regulators.
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    always wondered why they didn't get fresh water from the sea. great GE is getting into it. they always are talking about taking water from the Great Lakes and piping it west. i guess all the Great Lakes together have the most fresh water there is.
    oh well

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    Quote Originally Posted by Juke
    Kind of makes it real clear why the focus will be on securing rights to glaciers in the coming decades as scarcity of fresh water becomes a global problem.
    The way our country and our world currently operates, when we're done fighting the oil wars because it's all gone, we'll just carry on with the new wars over water. Annie get 'yer gun, sweet lady...
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    Actually wars have been fought for millenia over water in many places but not least of which is the Middle East, long before oil became a commodity. Circle of life, perhaps?


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    All I know is thy better leave our fresh water alone up here. We are not pumping it anywhere. If people want it they should have to put up with the weather we put up with. I know that the great lake states and canada are already working on laws that protect the water and it is not allowed to be pumped from as of now. I hope it stays that way.

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