Stem Cell Report and Stem Cell Summit Webcast Reveals the Latest Stem Cell Research Taking Place around the World
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2008-06-17 10:06:32 - - Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of the "The Stem Cell Report and Stem Cell Summit Webcast" report to their offering.

There is no doubt that we are on the cusp of major stem cell breakthroughs. Stem cells will one day provide effective low-cost treatment for diabetes, some forms
of blindness, heart attack, stroke, spinal cord damage and many other health problems. Animal stem cell studies are already very promising and some clinical trials using stem cells have been initiated. This Stem Cell Report provides a comprehensive look at the latest research taking place around the world.

Some of our featured articles include:

-- The role of academic research centres in stem cell research

-- Stem cells and small molecule screening for diverse therapeutics

-- Stem cells and diabetes

-- Validation of stem cell lines

-- Patenting stem cells technology

-- Stem Cell research in Asia, Australia and Canada

In addition the Stem Cell Guide features a Global Directory of Stem Cell Companies and organizations providing an excellent reference source to the world wide activities.

Included in The Stem Cell Summit webcast: