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Thread: Down Cmforter/Memory foam Topper

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    down comforter

    2 yrs ago I bought a "cheap" down and feather comforter from Over stock. I think it was less than $35. It was a great buy. It is so warm I don't use any other blankets and have to take it off the bed as soon as the weather warms up I have washed it in my machine at home with no problems. I can't imagine paying much more for one in your part of the country which is probably a little milder weatherwise than here in So. Ar.

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    The thicker the viscoelastic foam topper, the better the pressure reduction. Try to get 3-4".

    Down comforters that are not sewn through but have baffles inside are warmer than those that are sewn through and don't have baffles or box construction. The quality of the feathers used is also important. Down is warmer (and lighter) than feathers. Many cheap "down" comforters are actually mostly feathers.


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