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Thread: xiphoid process?

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    xiphoid process?

    After about a month of workouts and trying to build my abs and lower back muscles due to a weird recovery bit (6.5 years, supposed to be T6 Complete), I was feeling a little nauseous this afternoon, and began to feel around my abdomen. I got tot eh top, immediately below my sternum, and felt this weird lump. It feels like it is about an inch long, 1/4-1/2 inch wide, and seems like it curves in toward my insides at the lowest point. With the recent recovery of muscle use (minor initially, regaining a bit more each week), I am also getting back some pressure sensitivity. If I push on this lump, it feels like it is pushing my stomach.. but who knows.

    Is this my xiphoid process? Or is this something I should be concerned enough to hit the emergency room tomorrow ASAP? I can breath fine, no pain when I push it, but I am not pushing hard by any means. Any ideas?

    I only have Medicaid, and it has been hard enough to even get a blood test these days. Might be a couple weeks before I could get in to see my Dr. (GP).
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    It is impossible to say from your description, but it sounds like it could just be a normal xiphoid process, which is the lower tip of your breast bone. It serves as an attachment point for many of your abdominal muscles.


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    Thx for the reply! I figured without actually touching it or seeing an xray or something that it would difficult/impossible to reply with more.
    Found this reference
    I will call my Dr. for an appointment tomorrow instead of giving in to panic and wasting a day in the ER. It does not hurt, but I never recalled it being there before, but when I push on it gently, I can feel it at the base of my stomach. This is newly recovered area is a bit sensitive as each bit comes back to life, so when I did crunches, it poked my stomach and I felt a little nauseous. But, there is alot going on right now (severe diet change, change in med use, addition of supplements, addition of regular strenuous exercise, etc), so I was not sure of exactly was causing what.

    A month ago, I only had the same feelings/use I had since the day of waking from my injury/coma; T6 Complete, with actual skin sensation and all seeming to be closer to T5. Recovery has slowly moved south, and is now almost 1/2 inch of full sensation recovery, full use of all back muscles down into the glut's, and steady recovery of abdominal and as of today.. leg muscles! (very, very faint but definitely there) This bit could have been like this, and poking me for several years I guess. Ah, well! More fun!
    T6 complete since Oct, 2001
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