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Thread: need advice dealing with my HOA

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    Quote Originally Posted by cass
    However, I wonder if the local PD could help. In Cerritos, all street parking was banned where I lived. However, my van was allowed because of dis plates/placard. I bet that would trump the HOA and encourage you to talk to your local Chief of Police.

    I know in CA, they have spec. marked an hc spot in front of a dis person's house. Let the HOA try to fight that.
    The same goes in several areas in Maryland. In Baltimore City where street parking is legal you can get a specific 'resident only' parking sign in front of your home if disabled.
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    Just got a letter from the property manager for my HOA. She'll be sending a permanent parking permit. She doesn't understand why this was not done previously and thanks me for my patience. LOL
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    Finally someone who uses their brain, and doesn;t sit on it!

    Glad to hear.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JenJen
    Just got a letter from the property manager for my HOA. She'll be sending a permanent parking permit. She doesn't understand why this was not done previously and thanks me for my patience. LOL
    Beautiful and congrats, Jenjen!

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    the beauty of a well written and informed letter! good job.

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    HOA and Trailer

    Wanted to get an opinion. I have back and knee problems and had several surgeries. I am fortunate in that I can do some light work around the house. But no bending at the knees, or any lifting over 20#. However I am limited on how long I can be on my feet per day (About 2-hours per day) and have to take several long breaks off my feet completely between each work period. I have a utility trailer which is not allowed by HOA rules to be "parked" at the house but it is okay if its "in use". I try to be productive and do something around the house daily. Mostly light cleaning up, weeding, and some painting, putting up blinds, etc. We have just moved a few months ago and are going through boxes, putting up blinds, we had yard debris left by the previous owners in the yard to clean up. Due to my condition it take several days where most people to do do these jobs 4-5 hours. During the process I use the trailer for hauling and have to get help with the heavy items. But as soon as the trailer is disconnected from tow vehicle the HOA automatically considers it "parked" and fines me. Even if I could move the trailer back and forth to storage, it would decreases the time I can actually work on the property. But this wouldn't help either because I can't keep the trailer attach to the vehicle for 10-12 hours every day since my wife uses it for work, so I'd get fined anyway. I either am not allowed maintain the property which is a fine in itself, or not allowed to have the tools (in this case the trailer) on the property necessary to complete the job to avoid the fine. This is a temporary thing but there will be other projects in the future. How do I find something workable where I don't get fined for not maintaining the property or for the parked trailer and still be productive. If I wasn't disabled this wouldn't be an issue.

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