2004/12/17 17:04:24

Taipei, Dec. 17 (CNA) Local companies hiring disabled workers are entitled to government grants of up to NT$60,000 per employee in a nine-month period, sources from the Council of Labor Affairs (CLA) reported Friday. The CLA made public Friday a preliminary plan on subsidies to businesses that hire physically challenged citizens, in an effort to encourage the private sector to help improve treatment of the disabled and to provide them with better access to jobs. According to the plan, a company hiring disabled workers can apply to the government for up to NT$10,000 per month for each worker in the first three months of employment. The grants will be halved to NT$5,000 from the fourth month of employment. The NT$5,000 subsidy plan is applicable for six months, meaning that the company can apply for subsidies totaling NT$30,000 in six consecutive months, boosting the total of government grants up to NT$60,000 in nine months for each disabled worker. The plan is scheduled to be implemented in January 2005, but with the number of beneficiaries restricted to 210 nationwide, CLA officials said. The disabled who are first time job seekers or who have been unemployed for a long time will be considered on a priority basis, the officials added. (by Deborah Kuo) ENDITEM/J