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Thread: Baclofen pump FAQ

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    Mainly because I have very little body fat in my abdomen, so it would look weird on me. Also, I already have a space in my butt cheek where I have an Interstim battery----I would be getting rid of this if I got a baclofen pump, though I think the Interstim battery is much smaller.

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    You are right. The Interstim is much smaller and weighs a lot less. You would be setting yourself up for a serious pressure ulcer, an infected pump and tubing, and very likely not be able to sit for weeks after the surgery if you were to have it there. I would seriously doubt you would find any reputable pump surgeon who would agree to do it there.

    You don't need a lot of body fat to cover the pump in your abdomen, and except when you are naked, it really does not show, even in skinny people, esp. if you sit most of the time.


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    Thanks. I believe you, I'm not going to look for someone to put it somewhere else. I was just wondering.

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    etseq I am very skinny too, and the only time people notice it is when I'm shirtless.

    By the way, I went to see a different neurosurgeon (that my orthapedic doc suggested) yesterday. The guy in charleston never called me back or followed up with me. After talking to my rehab doc the new neurosurgeon said that he would revise the cathedar. But he's going to move the cathedar from around my shoulders back down to the middle of my spine.

    But my question for SCI-Nurse or anybody that may know, with me having scoliosis and my spine being fused with harrington rods two years ago. The neurosurgeon wants to drill a hole in my fused spine to put the cathedar in. All the other neurosurgeons I talked to said that they cannot put a cathedar in a fused spine. They never once mentioned drilling a hole to do it.

    So I guess I am asking is it ok to drill a hole in a fused spine?

    This office (in Florence) and neurosurgeon seemed to be a lot nicer than the one in charleston. Even promising me a medtronic rep will be there when they do the surgery. Something the nuerosurgeon in MUSC never even mentioned to me.

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    Dr to do Intrathecal pump in Fairfield CT

    Seems not many doctors do these?

    Any recommendations?


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    Quote Originally Posted by bollefen View Post
    Seems not many doctors do these?

    Any recommendations?

    It's been my experience that many if not most neurosurgeons do pump implantations these days - especially those that are under 55yo or so. Easy money and easy surgery for a neurosurgeon. Plus they can ship you home the same day so they can hit the golf course by 3pm.

    Call Medtronics - they'll hook you up with a surgeon in your area:

    Good luck.
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    Anyone had an issue with spacicity returning

    Friend is 14 mos post on a T12. Had pump put in 10 weeks post injury due to severe spasticity. Things were going well and she had the pump dialed down gradually in hopes of weaning. Now, due to recurrence of spasms, she's getting higher dosage of baclofen and not seeing improvement. She's had the normal films, including myelogram with no noted abnormalities. She's backtracking on therapy, losing ground due to the spasms. Mid 30's F, no other known problems. Neurologist just referred her to another institution, think he's baffled. Any ideas out there?

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    Didn't mean to suggest that mid 30's F was a problem. Flunked composition.

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    guys I'm having my surgery tomorrow, hopefully the spasticity will go back down like it did when i first had the pump implanted. I will be home on wednesday.

    I'll keep u guys posted on how everything went.


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    Best wishes, Lee! I'll be thinking of you tomorrow and hoping you get some immediate relief.

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