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    PLEASE HELP Cost of Baclofen pump refill 2013

    I have posts on the pain board as well, but this is best here. How much do you get billed for a baclofen pump refill and how does your insurance comapny cover it? % wise, Max payment per year wise? and finally if you each your max out of pocket do you still have a drug co-pay?

    I can't live without it and the costs are staggering, trying to sort through this with my insurance company and it was recently complicated by adding Prialt to the mix.

    I just got a bill for $2255.54 (after the insurance benefit) and assumed it was the Prialt blah blah anyway I misread the bill and that was for the refill before they added Prialt so that is a straight baclofen refill.

    this is getting very scary $$$$ wise. Can't live without and can't afford to pay for it?? How are you paying for it.

    I'd like a bit more info before I call the insurance company again but already have my next refill scheduled.


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