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    They managed to get my insurance to approve my being admitted the night before, as they needed to start the procedure at 7am. The pt evaluated my tone in the evening before the test and rated my tone in various positions, I was 4-5 on a scale of 0-5 everywhere. In the am I was taken up to a room, everything was explained again, the hitched me up to monitoring machines and they administered the dose. As I understand it, it was similar to getting an epidural. But since it was behind me, I didn;t see it. I had a nurse with me constantly from then on, as they were monitoring me for any complications. I actually went back to sleep for a little bit. A PT came in and did some rom every hour to determine the effect. After the trial injection, she monitored me, making notes every hour based on changes from her initial exam. I pretty much went down to a 0 everywhere. After a couple of hours, when they were sure there weren;t going to be any ill effects, I got dressed, and spent some more time with the pt. By mid afternoon I was done. They kept me another night, as they need to keep you under observation for 24 hours. But not sure every insurance co would go for that.

    We knew in about 3 hours that I had responded. My numbers were maxed out before the test, and very low after.

    The effects lasted about 12 hours, although not full force. It was a little like "Flowers for Algernon". LOL.
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