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yes the spasticity is bad, I've recently started taking bacolefen (20 mg by mouth two times a day) And thats helped some. I'm going to tell the doc on monday, that the baccolefen helps loose me up some. And that I just want to get the cathedar replaced. (and/or pump) Because for it to take 72 hours for lioresal to get into my body. (if it gets in there) Is too long I think. And I'm still not feeling like I did when I first had the pump implanted.
Once it makes it through the catheter, whether it takes 6 hours or 24 (or 72 as you posted), it's a continuous stream of baclofen from then on. So once it's up there, the relief will be constant - if the pump and catheter are working properly. I'm on 300 mcg/day, just 10 more than you, and I'm doing good.