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Thread: Support groups around Philly?

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    Support groups around Philly?

    I'm taking care of my fiancee who is a C-6 quad. I'm kind of new to this whole thing, although my fiancee isn't since he was injured about 10 years ago. The funny thing is that I'm a nurse and I feel like I shouldn't be stressed out about taking care of him because, you know, it's my job to take care of people. I get stressed out sometimes, not all the time, and it really helps for me to talk to him when I feel like this, but I'd really be interested to know if other caregivers have these feelings too. I guess I know they do, but I'd like for someone to tell me that it's ok. I like these forums but I've really been looking for some kind of a support group where I can talk to other caregivers in the Philadelphia area. Is there anything like this at Rutgers?

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    Have you tried Magee or Moss? They are two great rehab hospitals in the Phila area. I know they have support groups etc, but I don't attend. Living 100 miles away sort of curtails my eagerness to go!

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    This is the place. If you want a more private forum, check out the sticky at the top of this one about the private caregiver forum.

    I would just like to say though that you really need to look seriously at your relationship if you plan on being both lover/wife and caregiver. It is extremely difficult to maintain all these roles, esp. if you are doing bowel and bladder care. I my many years of experience, it is the rare couple that can maintain the first while also doing the second (and yes, this includes nurses or other health care professionals). Try to separate these and have an attendant provide this care rather than yourself. Burn-out is not the only is difficult to be a lover for the person you do bowel care for...


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    I personally feel a lot more comfortable doing his bowel routine and cathing him than leaving it to someone else because he's had major fungal problems in the past from people not cleaning him well and stuff like that. We usually have an aide but he's off for the summer since he's a college student, so I'm it until September. His aide helps with transfers, getting him dressed, and getting him into bed, and I do his bowel routines and cathing. I realize it's hard and we always are busy with things other than his care. I think it's very important for us to be involved in things that we like to do together other than his care because it can't be all about that all the time. I actually think we are rare and I really think we can do it. In September his aide will come back and when we have more money I will most definitely get someone to do almost all of his care, but for now, I think we'll be ok. I think one saving grace of me being a nurse (and having worked on an SCI floor doing 4-5 bowel routines at a time every night) is that bowel routines bother me just as much as wiping someone's nose, and call me crazy, but I still think he's a major hunk after all of bowel routines I've done on him. Thank you for your advice. I always listen to every bit that I get because I'm new at this whole thing but I guess we all kind of are.

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