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Thread: Quickie 2HP chair

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    Quickie 2HP chair

    Has anyone on here used the Quickie 2HP wheelchair and have some opinions about it?
    Because I have lost a lot of weight and inches since my colon surgery back in January, I need a new wheelchair and am looking into one that folds easily (I have a Quickie Revolution chair as a backup chair, but want a different fold-up model for a new main chair). My medical supplier is scheduling a wheelchair evaluation for later in the summer for me to get a new chair.

    Does anyone know of other folding chairs that Quickie makes that are good and ultra lightweight? I don't want to be stuck in something that's gonna feel like I'm pushing a tank around.


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    This, i believe, is their lightest folder.



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    I used a Quickie II hp for many years, its a good chair and did not have many problems with it although before they went with the thicker tubing on the x brace some 10 years ago, I use to break that part of the frame once every couple years or so.

    I know use a Quickie GTX and really like it. Although it is about the same weight as the Quickie II hp it has a much more solid feel to it much like a rigid chair.

    I strongly recommend spending the extra 555 bucks and getting the Spinergy wheels if you can afford it. They are much smoother and coast along better and have a much better feel than the standard wheels.
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    I used a Quickie 2HP (neon pink!) for many many years as my manual chair. It was dragged all over European cobblestones, pushed into the ocean, snowed on repeatedly, and lots of other things that were not exactly healthy for a chair, and it was great. I never had any problems at all with it, and my friends always thought it was pretty easy for them to lift into cars.

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    I've used a Quickie 2hp for a number of yrs. It's been a great chair. Very reliable, easy for people to load. I have a van now, so am hoping to get a rigid in order to get a lighter chair and more push for the energy expended, but for a folder it's good. I've also heard the newer GTX , (Daleb's link) may be even better at feeling more like a rigid, and being lighter. Good luck in your search! Lynne

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    Only 2hp?? Thats it?? I need atleast more than the lawnmower!! Gimme 25hp!!
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    2 HP chair

    The Quickie 2HP has the folding frame similar to the Quickie 2. It also offers the same advantages and a solid, stable feel. Quickie 2HP has a fixed front-end with a flip-up footrest being swing away detachable hanger model. The advantages include housing adjustments, no heavy duty while buying, can buy in smaller sizes.
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    Definately Quickie's work horse chair. I've owned 2HP's the entire time I've been paralyzed for their ease of putting in a vehicle.

    TiLite also has a folder made of titanium (SX) - might be something to look into. GTX would be my next choice.
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    I currently have the quickie gtx and its ok. I have never really used it as a folding chair. We usually just throw it in the back of my Jeep when my wife drives. I use the same chair you have as a backup chair for my car. I found so far that the revolution is the best for me in the car. If you do get a gtx mack sure you get the one piece foot rest and get at least 4 to 6 degrees camber on it. I have 2 degree and it suxs. I'm looking to get a tlite or a different chair myself but am having problems deciding as well. Good luck

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