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Thread: Spinal stroke

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    Hi Madiekai
    Pleased to hear that your daughter is recovering well.
    I hope you can share with us the date of her injury and how it occurred? And the extent of the injury?
    It does seem to happen to people who are normally very active.
    From my experience if it has only just happened, I would be very careful for about 4 weeks. My condition deteriated over time for the first week and then after that I had, what I regard, as quite a bit of recovery over a number of months. I had very intensive rehabilitation from about 2weeks on, spending 6 hours a day 5 days a week in a rehabilitation gym for about 6 months. I also swam quite a bit and now 5 years on I still freestyle (very slowly) about 3km a week as well doing a private session of Pilates once a week and other exercises everyday. I have not had a occurrence and don't expect to. It is a very rare event and no one has been recorded as having a second occurrence, at least that was what I was advised, in October 2007, by Dr Dominic Rowe, Consultant Neurologist, at Royal Northshore Hospital, Sydney, Australia.
    Dr Rowe had been involved in a study of 15 people who were diagnosed with a fibrocartilaginous embolism at Royal Northshore Hospital over a 10 year period. I'm not sure if the results of that study have been published to date.
    I hope that information helps yourself and your daughter.

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    I 2nd Kim B's response above. I was told it will should not happen again.

    I am glad your daughter is doing well!

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