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Thread: wheelchair batteries and tires

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    wheelchair batteries and tires

    I need batteries for my Invacare Storm (my backup chair) which is no longer covered by Medicare. I also need tires for my manual chair (Quickie), also no longer covered. Any sources for these items besides my DME, and does anyone know what I should order?


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    Manual wheelchair tires can be bought from Sportaid ( That is where I usually get mine from. Can't help you on the powerchair though.
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    For your backup chair I would suggest deep cycle lead acid batterys.....they will last a couple of years with just charging once a month if your not using it....gel cells seems to die fast if not used regularly. Acid type are only about $70.00. You can't buy 1 gel for the price of 2 deep cycle acid type for spare chair.


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    has about the best prices on most WC stuff. Personally, I would not use lead acid batteries, they're just too nasty for me to consider having in my house. I would shop around locally, I think even Walmart carries them (gels/glassmats). To save some money consider using group 22's instead of 24's (if that's what you're using) if you're only using it for backup.

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