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    Allow me to Vent

    Does this irritate anyone else? Handicap/disabled parking: There is someone in my apartment building that for some reason feels the need to park in these designated spots even when there are others available. There are two reserved and granted one is always empty, however whenever I need the space to transfer out of a car and assemble my wheelchair she is always parked there. Not just that, she is so bad at parking, she blocks the ramp where I need to go up to get onto the curb so I need to roll down the street and roll back just to get into my builing. She is of college age, beautiful, healthy, 100% able bodied, does have a thing you put in the window but is NOT handicapped!! One day she saw me outdide on my patio and even started this fake limp. How do I know it was a fake limp? She never had it before that day and she has not had it since. How lame can you be? Is it against the law for me to have a dozen custom bumper stickers made that say "I park in Handicap spots and I am not handicapped" and place them on her bumper when she is not looking? Does this happen to anyone else?

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    taking the dis parking is one issue, blocking the ramp is usually a clear violation in most states. call your local chief of police (better yet, visit him/her). note: they cannot enforce even a curbcut in some states if it is not on a public street. there's also the issue of the dis spot being marked to code in your state. if not, it can't be enforced by a police officer; however, you can get all this changed. please contact your local chief of police.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nathanjmac
    Does this irritate anyone else? Handicap/disabled parking:
    Definitely!! It is quite the popular topic around here. Rant as much as you want!

    If you do a search for "parking" you will find a lot of threads to commiserate with.
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    Smack a bitch up!!! I mean go talk to her.. Yeah, asif that'll work.. In Ga, police absolutely CAN enforce HC parking in private lots. You need to call and get clarification. If local police can, get them out and they can run her placard number to see if it's legit, expired, borrowed, whatever.. If she's blocking the curb at the time they could ticket her, but would most likely warn. If no one will help, find a sharp object and....

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    I would take pictures of the car and plate and spot were she parked her lazy ass and show them to the police or whoever is liable.


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    My favorite comment to people who are walking just fine but in the H/C spots: "Hey.... How is rehab going?"

    In Texas, the rule is 'unable to walk 200 feet without stopping to rest or without support device assistance.' Most people with make-believe blue tags do not know this, of course.

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