[QUOTE=bob clark;1674589]Geez, looks like we've covered the whole range of feelings in just 2 consecutive posts!

I'm wondering though.... do you have disposable income that enables you to do fun things? Do you own or have access to a car or transportation? Go on vacations etc.?

And secondly, do you have a supportive family or some sort of support system?

I have no idea what I'm gonna do when my 13 year old air conditioner/heatpump, 23 year old water well or 23 year old roof go on my 23 year old house and need to be replaced. These things worry me. I live alone and barely get the bills paid. And just a few hours ago the second of three fluorescent tubes burnt out in my kitchen and although I have replacements, I have no one to do the replacing. There doesn't seem to be much room for having fun. But that's just me.

And aside from being either a para or a quad.... and all those other variables brought about by the uniqueness of every SCI, I believe there are two types of SCI'd people. Those with money and/or "means" and those without.

When I was able-bodied I had no trouble finding relationships or employment and always had a girlfriend and always had enough money to live on and spend on her. And enough to buy those expensive guy toys with and to go on vacations with etc. Not now.


Thought it was a great post due to the following:

Fresh air
Positive people
Staying occupied helps the mind

These are all good points that can help any person, AB or not.

Your coming from a whole other direction. Yes, we all have worries also
and your not alone on that either.

It's nice to hear positive things that can keep someone a bit upbeat
especially with having a SCI.