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  1. Hi i am a c-7 with arm and hand function and i...

    Hi i am a c-7 with arm and hand function and i use weight liftin gloves from Walmart, under $10.oo not much at all and the fingers r out and they work fine for me. (good luck with find what works for...
  2. i agree

    Hey Deb,
    I just wanta let you know i feel the same way you do, it's been 16 years for me being in a wheelchair, and i think it just gives all the researchers something to do, when it...
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    Happy for you, hope you enjoy it. Glad to see somone with great things happening for them. Sharron
  4. hey There! I am looking for a...

    hey There!
    I am looking for a new automobile also, and i wan't something other than a van, I am open for any suggestions, and i am a c-7 and i can transfere from chair easily. does...
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    hi i am looking for a binder to help hold me...

    hi i am looking for a binder to help hold me upright and hold my tummy in, I have had rods put in my back over 2 years ago and i am still having to wear a brace but it is a hard one and it rides up...
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    wheelchair parents

    i am a sci, looking to find others with the same interest, I am 38, married and have had a son since being in wheelchair!! he's a true blessing
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    Are you serious? for real (WHO) cares!! can't you think of something better to talk about!!!
  8. spinal cord injury Mother!! Since being Paralyzed

    My name is Sharron and I am looking for others that have children since being paralyzed, I have a son, he's almost 4 and I've had him since being paralyzed!!!He is my heart! just looking to...
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