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  1. How to get medication covered after paying out of pocket

    Not sure where to post so I will start here. I will keep it short for now. I have been on my medication and insurance denies ever year as they do with most meds. After appeals and doctors...
  2. Yup I have had the best quality of life like my...

    Yup I have had the best quality of life like my doctor says he tries to get for his patients. 1999 accident C-5 several surges tried every medication and to many to list trips to ER. Then Doctor...
  3. Willing to help others Upstate NY Albany area

    I am sick of the entire system and what it does to us. Not only we had a life changing accidents now I have to fight for everything. I cant even get my medication covered so now I am suppose to pay...
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    Looking for a neurosurgeon


    Can anyone tell if they know of Neurosurgeons in the north east that would specialize in cord tethering. I had a operation that involved untethering of my cord this pasr February. I am unable...
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