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  1. Who would be Interested in going to SC Adaptive Sports Ranch?

    Dear CCC,

    This is John Mryczko II (J2) some of you may know me on here, but some may not. Im a C5 comp, 15.5 years post injury.

    I have been working together with the Super Chairing team to...
  2. Hi Everyone! Just wanted to let anyone who is...

    Hi Everyone!

    Just wanted to let anyone who is interested in getting a copy of the new Adaptive Sports DVD Package by Super Chairing
    was released last Tuesday 5-6-2014 and can be ordered online at...
  3. New Trailers for SC Adaptive Sports DVD - Any Opinions or Comments?

    Hello fellow SCI and Wheelchair CC Family, :salute:

    Some of you may know me, but some of you may not. My name is John Mryczko II and I started and still currently run a nonprofit organization...
  4. Super Chairing needs CC Community help! Check us out and Please Like our FB page.

    Hey CC Community!

    This is John Mryczko II, aka J2, or J2extreme on CC ;o) I have been a part of CC for almost 10 years now. Both writing and responding to posts, and donating money to CC over the...
  5. Please checkout Super Chairing and Like Super Chairing's Facebook page!

    Super Chairing which started as Extreme Chairing is the largest Adaptive Action Adventure & Motor Sports Organization in the world.

    Many people are aware of the multitude of able bodied action...
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